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We offer a variety of services for...

Custom Web Application Development

Creating personalized and dynamic data-driven internet solutions to integrate systems and processes for your business and customers

Internet Presence Management

Helping emerging and small businesses to develop a vision and establish an online presence for connecting with customers and clients

Information Technology Consulting

Working with you to develop secure and efficient ways to exchange data, information, and ideas with your customers, clients, and vendors


Our history and clients...

  • 1997-2001

    Our Early Beginnings

    Multimedia development, website development, and many other early internet technologies

  • September 2001

    A Collaboration is Born

    Database-driven website application development, consulting services, and collaboration with copywriters and direct mail marketing partners

  • December 2003

    Direct Marketing Services Integration

    Customized web application development for direct mail marketing list management and brokerage with processing and performance reporting

  • August 2005

    Expansion Into Data Services

    Expansion and extension of product offerings to integrate data services with direct mail marketing services

  • June 2010

    Donor Data Processing Solution

    Automated integration and processing of donor data directly from vendor partners for streamlined workflows and significantly increased efficiency

  • November 2014

    Direct Mail Marketing Suite

    Suite of integrated web-based applications and services for direct mail marketing, with support for agency/client collaboration, list and donor data management, and performance reporting

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